Professional Coaching for Speaking and Singing

How you speak and present is part of how you represent yourself and your business. Your voice is the most important tool to ensure you make the best impression that you can on your audience.  How your message is received is wrapped up in how you are perceived.  Speaking, just like anything physical that we do, is about using the correct muscles in the correct way to achieve a given outcome. I am trained in how the vocal mechanism works from an anatomical perspective and I believe that anyone can be taught to speak freely and easily with confidence and enthusiasm; with the correct training.

Through studying a masters degree in vocal pedagogy, I am equipped to coach those who use their voice in a professional context such as teaching, presenting, training, sports coaching or singing.

I look forward to speaking with you!

“You are the most wonderful teacher”

Adam- Received vocal coaching as an amateur singer

“Carrah is uplifting, full of knowledge and energy”

Nadia - Received vocal coaching as a yoga teacher in training

“Carrah's deep knowledge of voice will be very helpful to create a sustainable teaching practice”

Leith - Received vocal coaching as a yoga teacher in training

About Me

I am a singer and avid speaker (my narrative is verbose!) and I grew up singing in a variety of contexts, but found that I was constantly losing my voice.  My problem was, that “I didn’t know, what I didn’t know” and I thought that losing my voice constantly was normal.

The good news is; it’s not.  If you are exercising healthy voice function, your voice should have longevity.

As a teenager I spent some time with a speech pathologist who started me on my way to understanding the ins and outs of healthy vocal production, and then I had some singing lessons with a vocalist who also had her masters in speech pathology, and then decided I needed to know more, so enrolled at the QLD Conservatorium of Music.  Here I completed my Masters in Music studies, majoring in Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy.  I learned what I needed to know to ensure I could be the best and most healthy singer (and speaker) I could be, and how to pass this knowledge on to others to ensure they could do the same.

I trained in contemporary singing and my training in pedagogy gave me a physiological grounding in how our vocal anatomy works and how to ensure best vocal practice.

I am available for private and group singing lessons and general vocal coaching and workshops.  Alongside working with contemporary singers I have a particular interest in working with anyone who is in a profession where they speak for long periods of time and struggle with voice loss, appropriate volume, tone, expression and confidence.

To back up my experience, I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor Degree in Arts majoring in Psychology and Music. I also possess a Postgraduate Diploma in Vocal Performance and an Advanced Masters Degree in Vocal Pedagogy.

I am available for both teaching and group workshop engagements.

Services and Pricing

I teach private lessons, group lessons and do workshops for both singers and those requiring speech training (teachers, coaches etc). Standard pricing is as follows:

Private Vocal Coaching

$ 36

30 minutes

Group LessonsMost Popular

$ 36

Base rate + $10 for each additional student per 30 minutes

Workshop Pricing

$ 150

1 hour including workshop material/handouts


I am best reached by email using the contact form below. I will endeavour to reply to your email within 24 hours.